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As an added benefit, SouthWest Direct® also offers address correction and mail forwarding through a licensed agreement with the United States Postal Service. We utilize NCOA Link™ from the USPS to update client billing files as statements are being printed. This is done electronically by matching the names and addresses contained within client billing data against the national database of changes filed during the past 18 months. The NCOA Link™ system contains over 16 million change-of-address records and is updated on a weekly basis.

SouthWest Direct can update client data each time client statements are mailed (in-stream processing) to ensure it is delivered to the intended recipient the first time. NCOA Link™ automatically corrects a customer database and statements have the correct address applied to them. Our fee for address correction is significantly less than the cost returned mail or standard postal mail forwarding.

Customers can also send us their entire client database (batch processing) periodically to clean records for all their client mailings. The United States Postal Service requires all mailers who seek to qualify for pre sorted postal rates to NCOA their file within 90 days prior to the mail date. SouthWest Direct provides a report of all changed addresses each time data is processed.

NCOA Link™ Processing Acknowledgement Form [Word document]

NCOA Link™ is a registered trademark of the United States Post Service. SouthWest Direct Inc is a non-exclusive, licensee of the USPS NCOA Link™ Service. Pricing of NCOA Link™ services being offered by SouthWest Direct Inc is not established, controlled or approved by the United States Postal Service.