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Our Online Bill Payment and Presentation Service allows you to publish patient statements online in a secure environment. Patients will be able to view and pay their statements online in addition to receiving them in the mail.

The Online Bill Payment and Presentation Service benefits both Providers and Patients


  • Reduce patient statement printing and mailing costs
  • E-mail reminder of late payments
  • Reduce administrative time by migrating patient inquires from phone to Internet
  • Single merchant account for office and online payments; viewable online and fully integrated
  • Additional revenue channel; improved cash flow
  • Cost just pennies per statement


  • Receive statements by mail and available online
  • View statement history online
  • Communicate statement inquiries online instead of telephone
  • Pay by check, credit card, or debit card online
  • View all payments; monitor healthcare provider payments

MEB provides a simple way for patients to receive and review their statements. In addition to the current practice of mailing statements, MEB Online Bill Payment and Presentation Service allows patients to visit a customer's site, review previous statements, submit questions online, and most importantly, make payments.