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No matter what type of statements you mail, MEB will work for you.

MEB Statement Services is perfect for sending letter bills, detail bills, data mailers, summary statements, notices, invoices, or collection letters.

Our graphic design and programming teams can custom design a statement that highlights your organizations unique image. All MEB statements are printed with your organization name, color logo, delivery / return address, keycodes and message areas plus color pictures, specialized screens and back printing. Each statement is personalized and formatted to your exacting specifications.

All MEB Statements Include:

  • Printed 4-Color Process Statement
  • #10 Double Window Envelope
  • #9 Return Envelope
  • Data Processing
  • Laser Imaging
  • Folding
  • Inserting
  • First Class Postage

Medical Electronic Billing offers value and convenience you cannot get anywhere else. Our state of the art technology allows us to receive client data via our Equifax™ SSL secured site, output statements, fold, insert, and mail -- all within 1 business day.

We can produce high quality professional looking statements for much less than it costs to do it in-house. Contact us today to learn how MEB Statement Services can benefit your organization.

Value-Added Service

MEB statements are patient friendly and easy to read. Each patient account number is clearly identified on the return portion of the statement as well as patient name, payment method, statement date, amount due, and other relevant information. The Addressee and Remit To addresses are bar-coded to speed delivery and payment return.